Logo Design: Logo Techniques


Medium: Ink and Water Color, 10×10, 8/31/2013Image

Medium: Pencil and Chalk Pastels, 8×8, 8/31/2013

C. Design a logo; experiment with repeating lines, create motion using sequence and progression.  Vary the line weight, creating contrast. Describe the speed and how the eye will move around the design. Did you line quality engage the viewer emotionally?

D.- Design your name with specific feeling using contrast, motion, and noise.


The lines in the logo swirl about, going from thin to thick to draw the viewer’s eyes along the logo. The contrast between the thick areas and thin areas adds contrast and interest but are smooth and curved so the progression of the eyes is slow and graceful. The repetition of the swirls of the letters and the lines gives the logo  a gentle flow. The progression from the swirl to the smooth curves also pull the viewer’s eyes along. The way the greens swirls flow connects the viewer back to the center of the logo by framing the letters and by allowing the eye to continually to go back to the center if it follows along the curves and swirls. A viewer might connect the green and leaves with nature, allowing them to relate to nature and clean energy.


The feeling of dreaminess is created by the lower contrast and the repetition of the swirling lines on the letters.

Compare and Contrast: Logo:

The vegetables in Ellen Lupton’s poster of Tony Geraci a halo around his head, highlighting an important point of the poster. The swirls and leaves from the logo do a similar thing and offer the focal point of the logo. The research on the pose in the poster offers interest by catering the targeted age and for anyone who might enjoy a type of ‘action’ poster. The greenery in the logo, as well as the leaves, similarly relates to the viewer or audience because many people today are very ‘green’, or aware of the environment and tend towards things that connect them to that. The simple center of the logo is also similar to Tony Geraci because both are aspects of the creation that have very little detail. As opposed to being packed full of action and excitement like the poster though, the lines in the logo are slow and fluid for the viewer. In Lupton’s poster, the vegetables surrounding Geraci create short, diagonal lines which portray fast movement and excitement. The bolder typography pops against the dark background with a sans-serif font while the logo contains graceful, more delicate letters.

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