Imaginary Landscape


I mainly focused on practising the masking tool because it is essential in any project. I attempted to blend the layers as seamlessly as possibly by using a smaller, soft edged paint brush in the mask; it allowed me to build up the edge smoothly. Besides the regular masking tool, I used the quick masking tool because it allowed me to cover up a large portion quickly of the image I was masking; it allowed me to focus on the smaller details. The other tool I used was the gradient tool in order to darken the sky just a little in the corner to give the image a different effect. I set the layer to overlay with a low opacity. I did this because I liked the darker sky fading into the lighter sky at the corner. I also used the paint tool to create a slight glow in the upper right for a sun like object.

Design Problem:

What kind of world might an American child around the age of five to seven see when they look at floral printed cloth, specifically after reading a fantasy book?

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