Speaker: Darrin Martin

My Other, Myself

Untitled (feedback), 21 x 34″

 Where: Room 215 at the SET Building at Alfred State

When: Tuesday, September 10th

‘My Other, Myself’ presented by Darrin Martin.’

Presented Works: “The Hearing Loss Trilogy”, “1/2 Right”, “Summer of Tympanoplasty”, “Monograph in Stereo”, “Other Turbans”, “Gift Perception”, “Mono Solo”, “Noise Print Sculptures for BAHA”, “Fragments”, “Infra Colour”, “The Casts”

The presentation was about Darrin Martin’s changed perception of the world after his surgery and how everyone perceives the world in their own way. Many people use sight as a dominant way to view the world but the use of noise was presented as another way to perceive the world. What was really attention grabbing was the mentioning of an ‘unnamed event’ that changed a person’s perception of the world and how it is different for each person; hence the even being ‘unnamed’. Through his work, Darrin Martin attempts to show viewers how his perception changed. All the ringing noises and unfocused, dizzying, far off images or videos relay how he saw the world. The emotions that the pieces emitted were quite dominant, successfully conveying hesitance and someone who is now unsure of their surroundings. It was intriguing to see how someone else saw the world, not all of it just based on images.

Looking at how Darrin Martin creates his work so personally makes me want to do the same. I can take what I saw and learned and put more of myself into my work, to give my ‘perception’ on the things I create. I can try being more decisive in my work in what I am trying to convey like Darrin Martin is able to do. My digital media and animation pieces can greatly benefit if I put more thought and feeling into my work. I can also stop making things so definitive and straightforward, to step back and allow more interpretation by not creating things so literal.

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