Nature Pattern Project

1) Create a realistic drawing

2) Explore your subject in three dimensions

3) Create a detail

4) Stylize the form

While out and about, I picked up a small plant that had a few yellow buds and fuzzy seeds. I chose this to study for natural patterns. I leave’s meandering path, the stem’s branches and the seeds’ packing where a few that I found.

Realistic Drawing:


Pencil on Bristol Board, 9/15/2013

The plant’s buds are packed tightly to allow for the maximum amount that the bud can hold, efficiently using space. The branches directly move energy with purpose in order to distribute energy through the plant. Finally, the leaves’ meandering lines seemingly move energy lazily.


Pencil on Bristol Board, 9/15/2013

Ink on Bristol Board

These two sketches took an aspect of one of the patterns to stylize and simplify. Specifically the seeds within the buds.


Bristol Board Cut Outs On Bristol Board, 9/15/2013

Taking the simplified pattern, I created a 3-D representation of the way the seeds are packed within the bud. It is meant to show how tightly stacked the seeds are, maximizing the use of space.

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