Linear Day Accordion Book

Linear Day Book:


Mixed Media, 3.5″x21″



Mixed Media, 4″x6″



Mixed Media, 4″x6″

Design a linear achromatic depiction of a typical day in your life. Design a cover for the book that is relevant to the style and content of your linear drawing.

My design is achromatic and has varying line wight. The line weight is meant to draw the more important things, like the clock, forward while the fluid lines are thinner, like the lines from the cup, to show motion but keep the main attention away. The design style is meant to follow that of Japanese screens, hence the black border around each photo. It is meant to give the feel of a screen.

The covers are simple in design and look like actual Japanese screens, keeping with the them inside.

The clock in the photo represents an alarm in the morning. It’s large, surrounded by motion lines to show a sense of emergency; it’s ‘in your face’ because it represents the reluctance to get up in the morning. The cart is for work with various things in it, the paper flying out of it to transition from work to English. The money falling represents a large check cashed. The hot drink shows a trip to the Terra Cotta cafe’ before dinner and a gallery. During then, a special person was met, hence the heart and finally bed in the last frame.

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