Personal Symbol

PersonalSymbolPoster   084_international_house

Illustrator, 11×17

Create a symbolic design that expresses who you are. Show a geometric and organic representation of the design, one in an open composition and the other in a closed composition.

The first image is an open composition with organic lines and shapes. It has a smoother flow and allows the viewer’s eyes to wander along the image without the negative space hindering the viewer.


Illustrator, 11×17

The second image is a geometric composition. I experimented with creating a closed composition and found that even if it’s just points touching the edge, the image is an open composition.

The images are both of the same idea and are influenced by David Lance Goine’s piece International House. The cat in the image represent a personal love for cats and my own cats are a core part of who I am, they are just another piece of my family. The heart actually represents my family and relationships with friends and others. The feather is a commonly shared interest in my family, representing the freedom I was allowed in who I am and in choices I made. The words ‘Ordinary Days’ refers to simple days I enjoy with my family and the fact we get along so well, it’s meant to convey warm feelings. The border is also part of the symbol, showing personal restrictions and yet at the same time other areas are weaker to show flexibility and willingness to try new things.

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