Charcoal Chair

In order to give dimension to the chair within the paper I used atmospheric perspective. The back is lighter than the darks in the front to separate the planes the parts of the chair sit on. I attempted to keep the lines of the chair separated by adding in the highlights and the shadows. I chose to do the shading mostly with a blending stump to get the type of shading I wanted- smooth in a photographic way.

I used the value of the chair in attempt to create the feeling of an old, grainy photo but focused on the folds of the cloth The lines dashed through the shadows hints at the wooden platform the chair sat on but also create noise, drawing the viewers eyes along the dashes. The composition appears tilted, therefor giving a slight diagonal. I wanted to make use of most of the page but I have a tendency to fit the whole object on a page, often times creating a close composition; this chair is no different aside from the shadow that slides off the edge of the page slightly.

All semester we had worked on gesture drawings, learning how to draw angles, shapes and proportions well. It all built up to creating the chair, taking all that was learned into consideration.

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