John Knecht

Lewellyn Gallery, SET Building on Thursday Oct 17th

John Knecht on Considering the Probability of Divine Intervention

The presentation was a mix about Knecht’s history of art, the gallery being shown and what we, the audience, should and can do. With around forty or so years of art work, being trained around the sixties, John Knecht had much advice to share. Studying scale and proportions and color relationships are two important things. When one color is first put down it is changed by the second color that is placed. He pointed out that looking at old fashioned, retro magazines can be a source of inspiration. Looking at what we do not know as opposed to what we already do. Practicing art with build experience and give an artist the edge another might not have.

John Knecht consistently pointed out that we should just look. See things that are there and absorb what we are ‘looking’ at.

The gallery of John Knecht’s he was speaking at called ‘The Possibilities of Divine Intervention’ dealt a lot with the super natural. John’s interest in the super natural helped inspire the works he had up. Houses doing things they normally would not do- it is meant to make the viewer nervous or uncomfortable. He manipulated his art to get a specific reaction.

What I can take from his presentation is that I should have more confidence in who I am as an artist. I can apply this to my art and make things more deliberate. Another important point I can easily apply to my DMA work is that only essentials are necessary. It will free up clutter present in some of my art work, or to help clear up an idea present in my art. Most importantly though I will take the advice of ‘looking’. I may see things I did not before and it can influence my work. I shall also begin collect my own materials or to create them instead of getting them from another source- John Knecht stated that we should generate everything ourselves and to not rely on others.

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