Mask and Graphite Drawing

Bristol Board, Masking Tape, 4.5″x5″x7′

Bristol Board, Graphite, 11″x14″

Considering that I do not usually construct things with my hands, creating the mask was a difficult task to fact. Being told to ‘just do it’ confused me profoundly at first. As the project went on, I found using the advice given made constructing the mask simpler. I treated the mask as an experimental art project because I held little background in crafting objects. The traditional drawing of the mask was the easier aspect for me.

In drawing the mask I used all of the rules and tricks that we learned through the semester. Mondrian lines, the clock face for angles, and proportions were just a few. My background in traditional art and graphite pencils allowed drawing the mask to not be much of a challenge.

I originally planned on doing a zoomed in, open composition for my mask considering usually I center my compositions. I was attempting something new. Instead, as I was drawing, I discovered I had made my lines too small to allow for a larger version of the mask. Now I had a mask in the top half of my composition but I was curious about how it would turn out so I stuck with it. I decided to draw in the edge of the table it was sitting on, which was about a little lower than eye level for me as I was drawing. I feel the composition gives the impression that the mask is sitting high on something, if someone was looking directly at it.

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