Helvetica was produced in 1957 to compete with a prominent German font but for the Swiss market. It was made to be easily read with no other meaning behind it. It is a neutral font that grew popular- everyone began to use it and ads became more simplified.

The focus of the font is the space between the ‘black’ of the letters just like the focus of music is the space between the notes. It has continued to be a popular and versatile font since the fifties. Some designers will take the neutral, clean font and personalize it for businesses by messing with colors and the spacing. Other designers see the font as boring, too widely used.

In response to the old, too used font designers have created new fonts in attempt for success. Helvetica just does not have enough feeling in it. It is not ‘human’ enough because there is no flow to it. During the nineties, grunge style broke out- especially in advertising. Fonts became broken and all over. They made very little sense. The chaos grew until designers took a look at the insanity and worked back to Helvetica. Helvetica is a trustworthy font if a designer cannot choose a font but Helvetica is perhaps just one direction that font could have taken.

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