Further Glitch Art Experimentation






Hex Fiend

Photoshop: Instead of a choppy, disconnected feeling like the original glitch experimentation, this photo has a confused feeling about it. The colors can be taken for extreme happiness. The distortion could be excitement but with so much, it causes confusion for the viewer.

Audacity: This image has a similar feel to the original experiment glitch art. It retains the choppiness but with more colors and an inversion. The speckles of other colors causes uneasiness because the photo almost seems sickly.

Hex Fiend: This image is done in the choppiness as the original but without the uneasy colors. These colors are brighter, giving a happier meaning that perhaps the family works through the problems instead of them festering. Gray bars appear in some areas and interrupt the flow in contrast to the brighter colors.

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