Wire Frame Project: Turtle

In creating this wire frame project, I had no idea where I was going with it. I have never worked with wire before so I was at a loss, but I just started working with the wire in order to create the shapes I needed. Essentially, I did what the wire told me too; I worked with the medium instead of against it. Generally I find if I try to force a creation into being it does not turn out well but the wire turtle proved to me working with the medium is the best idea. It allowed me to create a sound frame- starting with the bridge of the shell, the part that connects the carapace and plastron. The plastron wire pieces is what creates the bridge of the shell. I took the design that I created out of practicality at first and repeated it through the design in order to create a type of repetition or type of unity. The design is repeated on the carapace specifically, especially in the top most scute since that is what combines the scutes together. Originally my design for the carapace was essentially a chain link fence in the shape of the shell but I found that the wire I was using would not be flexible enough so I changed my design from the drawing.

The carapace holds more distinction than the rest of the wire sculpture on purpose. That was where I wanted more detail so I attempted to simplify other areas and used beads on the carapace. There were other more colorful beads that I wanted to select at first but after speaking Connie about it, I decided against it. She suggested I just use the round and square shape beads or else it might look gaudy. I wanted to disagree at first but I took it into consideration and decided the more natural colors looked better with the wire or else I risked it looking cheap.

Beside the carapace, I changed the design of the flippers. The flippers are easily out of proportion with the body but I did this on purpose. The larger flippers are like wings. I associate wings with freedom because of the freedom of movement. The sea is vast, like the sky so the flippers of a sea turtle are wings for them to glide through the sea with.

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