Glitch Haiku


The five-seven-five present in my haiku is made of the three separate photos. The family at ten frames, the mask at fourteen and the knife at five. The haiku is meant to tell a story, most likely a cliff hanger. The family is presented and appears perfect except for a little glitching; something feels like it is going to happen and that things are not quite right despite appearances. The mask is meant to symbolize the ‘mask’ that people wear for the outside world but it starts to severely glitch between white and red. Someone is about to snap, it moves quicker and evokes confusion and frustration, possibly danger. Then the knife, the quickest image, shows the ultimate confusion, possibly blood because of the red but one is left wondering what has happened and who has snapped.

The family and knife images were glitched using text fiend while the mask was glitched using text edit. This project was fun to play with and has certainly upped my interest in glitch art. It is interesting to see what little tweaks to text or the sound of the image can cause, what effect it produces.

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