Color Wheel


24″x24″ Water Color and Gauche on Tyvek Paper

For this color wheel, I had carefully planned out where each color would go. I was already well acquainted with the different types of things needed on this poster- the primary, secondary, tertiary, complementary, analogous, value and intensity changes. The star shape was created using rotation symmetry. Reflect symmetry take place through out the whole poster with the shapes, for colors, the orange and red designs on the corner reflect each other as well as the boarder. Translation symmetry is created by the boarder design, I simply slid the shape down and repeated it. The star shapes in the background are also created using translation symmetry. My original design was much simpler but after some tweaking, the design gained a more complicated design. I treated this project as a way to play with color since I essentially knew the things we were to learn from this project. For example, for the inner border I chose the brighter colors because I felt like it would compliment the blue background and pull some of the brighter colors out. I then used cool colors for the outer boarder in order to capture the brighter boarder.

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