9” circle, Ink on Mat Board

9” circle, Ink on Mat Board

In creating this phenakistoscope, I did not have very much confidence at first because the project appeared daunting. I did not want to just rotate something 180 degrees.

I had decided to attempt to tumble my chosen object through space. I had no idea how that would turn out. Beyond tumbling the object, I made an attempt to have to fall backwards as well. With only twelve panels to work with, movements needed to be carefully planned out.

Unfortunately, I decided not to do that exactly. Instead of starting with pencil sketches, I wanted to see what would happen if I just used ink. It created a nice, furry effect; I wanted the fur to create the outline instead of just an outline like I usually use. In creating the fur, I separated the darker and lighter areas by adding in more, short lines in the dark furred places. Because I used pen, I could not correct an error I made. While drawing, I had the wheel right side up but went to draw a bottom panel. Of course I was not paying close attention as I began to draw on the bottom panel. The drawing ended up the wrong direction so I had to try and make my drawing tumble that specific way when other drawings were already done.

This project taught me to be more careful in my medium choice considering my tendency to wander off in thought during a project. Had I been paying closer attention, I likely would not have made such a choice. It also made me aware that for a project like this I need to do pencil sketches first.

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