Anamorphic Drawing: Completed Boot

Before even haven been assigned this project, I knew what I wanted to do. I had an idea a week before the project was announced and I was rather excited about it. I would create a creature that was part cow, made out of my cowgirl boots. I had never drawn my boots before so as a challenge to myself, I decided on ink sketches for the observational drawings. I was rather pleased with the way it turned out. The ink also left the rough outlines or lines I made before the finished sketch as opposed to erasing it all if drawn in graphite. I did this to observe my progress.

The final drawing of the boot actually surprised me. Though the shading is not perfect, I believe that my shading skills have improved since the beginning of the semester with our self portraits. The boot has a nice three dimensional feel to it and I tried to emphasize that with the shading. I attempted to have a realistic feel to it because my ink drawings had turned out so well.

Being that I did well with the drawings of my boot, I will attempt to bring the quality into the drawings of the cow that I will do next.

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