Anamorphic Drawings: Cow

Instead of using ink for the cow like I had with the boot for the sketches, I chose to use graphite pencil. I chose to do so because I believed that the cow, with more hair than hard lines, would have looked to harsh with ink. The black ink would not have given the soft furred look I was aiming for in the cow. The pencil was also a better choice for the cow because I was able to create different line weight for the varying types of fur.

I used the flow if the cow’s fur to experiment with the line weights that I created. It allowed me to ponder how I am going to integrate it with the boot when the final drawings are to be done. Drawing the hoof did the same thing when it comes to the heel of the boot. I better understand how the toes of the highlander cow’s feet fit together and the texture of them. I hope to implement the texture when I draw the toes on the boot to give contrast with the wrinkled leather.

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