Story Gif


This story revolves around the morning watering of the plant’s human. The human, who is stubborn, does not appear to have a great relationship with the flower.

The flower becomes angry the human will not wake and so it is implied something happens to the human with it’s gaping, screaming expression. I purposefully chose a flat aesthetic because the story is rather silly and not at all realistic. I tried to emphasize this with the flatness and the bright colors. To soften the flatness of the scenes, I used small shadows or textures to break up solid colors. The use of blurring in two frames in used to emphasize the focus of the flower, turning away from itself and narrowing in on the sleeping human-plant. The tilted view of the pot with the looming shadow is meant to mimic a high angle shot, minimizing the human further to show its vulnerability next to the flower. The story itself is purposefully left open ended so the viewer can infer what takes place after.

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