Face Study

1) What skills, that are pertinent to figure drawing, do you have with which you feel comfortable?

I naturally observe the flow of lines in organic shapes or forms that the human body is made of. I also pay close attention to the detail when drawing figures.

2) What aspect of figure drawing do you want to improve?

I’d like to improve my ability to have correct proportions and muscle formations in order for things to fit together smoothly.

3) How will you use the skills listed in question one to strengthen the areas of weakness?

I’ll pay closer attention to how muscles flow into one another when drawing the lines while observing the proportions of the figures I am drawing- to see what that specific figure’s proportions are.

4) How will you measure your improvement? Be specific.

I will place older sketches next to the newer sketches and make note of the improvements I see.

5) Name a famous painting/sculpture (figure) that has remained in your memory bank.  Describe the emotional impact it had on you…why does it haunt you?  Discuss the design characteristics, using design language, which you attribute to its impact.

Rembrandt’s painting The Night Watch is a favourite painting of mine. The dramatic lights and darks in his painting are beautiful in that they highlight specific characters and objects, creating a type of theatre drama. The way the light and colors play off each other create life. His art, in general, holds a haunting beauty for me; the paintings are alive and tell their story without actually moving or speaking.

6) Name a figurative artist that you admire, other than the one already discussed.  What about their style do you admire and why?

Leonardo da Vinci is another artist I admire because of his skill for proportion and balance in his portraits.  The realism of his humans and the delicate folds he achieves in the clothing are two things I hope to obtain.

Is there a medium in which you want to improve your skills? What is it?

While there are many mediums I wish to improve in, I have found that watercolor is the one I wish to improve the most. I want to experiment with the layering of colors and the effects it can create.

Face Drawing Tutorial Links:

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