Being that I had never drawn caricatures before, my confidence wasn’t originally that high for what the outcome might be for this project. I had never been that great at drawing humans, not even the face. I never understood how the proportions worked together no matter how many times over I might learn about them. I drew mediocre faces despite always trying to follow those correct proportions. So, looking at the challenge of drawing a caricature, that does not even have true proportions, I was anxious in how it would turn out. I thought I had to understand the face to actually be able to create a caricature.

Then, it appeared as if something actually clicked for me when it comes to the human face. The simple procedure shown in class helped me. However, I went to sit down at my computer and did not know where to start so, needing some help, I found a tutorial. I drew very basic caricatures from my photos following the advice but I decided these were not what I wanted. They were dead. Stiff. I wondered how I could approach it differently.

That is when I started using the basic face shape of a circle, chin and lines. I just morphed the lines the way I felt it should go. The results surprised me because I had not known I could draw what amounted to unique character versions of myself. They all turned out different from another but the one that stood out to me was the bug eyed one. It was my favorite as soon as I drew it, in all honesty. The cartoony appearance called to a more childish peace of myself. The playful side that comes out when I am truly enjoying myself. The picture told of the goofy side of myself and I wanted to evolve that into a completed work. I chose a flat aesthetic with very basic shadows in order to accent the caricature’s style.

I wanted to place an emphasis on the eyes with the way the colors I chose as well the starbursts. I personally feel my eyes are a dominant and a favorite of my features. If allowed, my eyes can be very expressive.

Drawing the caricatures has expanded my view on how I can portray others and myself. It has also opened doors stylistically compared to what I could draw before.

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