Character Story

It is, of course, a walled city. A city that keeps its people locked up all nice and safe. Each and every one of them. That is, at least, what the queen wanted for her precious daughter to believe. She wanted not to shine the light on the dark corners of the city, not even the ones of the palace. The queen wished for her perfect daughter to be ignorant forever.  Nothing would taint the innocence of her daughter. The queen’s plan worked well for many years of the daughter’s life. It lasted up until the princess, Acholate, turned twenty.

Her ignorance had not yet been smudged. Acholate still held quite a happy disposition. A strong willed princess had the world at their feet, right? That is what Acholate learned as a child and still believed however, things were no longer adding up. The queen, Desini, would watch on as her daughter stumbled through the oddities of the palace and the apparent lack of men. Acholate knew of the royal harem that her mother had. It was not uncommon for a noble woman to have a few men. That was how the city of Dormor worked. Its society oppressed its men. Acholate had some idea of this but she didn’t see the utter truth of it. Men are essentially slaves.

Such a thing was shown to the princess not long after her twentieth birthday. Her blissful ignorance led her to believe that men were happy in their position and wished for nothing more. She treated them as such. What had the princess do a  double take was when she witnessed a noble strike her male servant. There had been blood left upon the marbled floor, just missing the carefully hand made rugs. Her lean face had been fierce then, more feline than human, all accented by the tall, slender build that the nobles preferred and the peasants attempted to mock.

With ignorance cracked, the princess headed to the annual fair. A place where locals and foreigners came to sell their goods. Instead of skipping along, focused inward, as usual, Acholate took time to study the foreigners. Men stood beside the woman and not off to the side or back. There were even men holding their own stalls. How could she not have noticed sooner? The men of her culture were nothing more than slaves in comparison.

A hard look at the men of her culture merely confirmed this despite the tight lipped smiles sent her way. Any assumptions they held about her character were probably correct. A woman like any other and worse, the princess. The queen likely rubbed off on her and Acholate supposed that were true. A type of blinding fury built up inside the princess. Such a thing must change. People should experience at least some of the freedom she had experienced. A life of serving, essentially slavery, held no choice and that is no life at all.

A revolution must take place within the walled city of Dormor.

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