Post Critique

After the critique of my character, I took a look at my color pallet. The darker color of the blue was swallowing the black lines in my three quarter front view. I took the suggestion of using light grey lines as opposed to the black and decided that it played with the blue better. I wanted to attempt a different set of colors for the clothing, however, that were another set of lighter colors. I favor the blue and light grey I decided after placing them side-by-side. The darker blue displays a maturity that the lighter color does not. My story progresses to the point where Acholate makes an important decision. I feel as though this where the colors of her clothing might have darkened, at least a little. The light grey lines not only are easier to see but they add contrast to the photo between the light and dark lines.

The three quarter back view was another outfit that held a darker shade of color, purple. The purple and yellow scheme just did not seem to work to me. It was off and did not suit Acholate. Instead, a light pink and blue accent the playfulness of the pose and perhaps what younger Acholate might have worn. Beyond colors though, I took a look at my back view as well. There had been an awkward fold that was pointy and just too heavy where it was placed in the composition. I took this away so the character was not off balance. Without the fold there, the lines connect smoothly.

The final, and major change that I made was with the expression of the tongue sticking out. Whereas the disheartened, sad expression and joyous smile expression had eyes and mouths that matched the emotion, the tongue sticking out did not. The eyes and mouth held a visual disconnect. I decided that an angry, insulted face would be easy to accomplish. I narrowed the eyes and created angry eyebrows. I find it comical how angry just that made it appear. Adding in the wrinkles between the eyebrows and above them further enhanced the expression. It is the look of someone who is thoroughly disgusted.

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