Progress and Style Development

  1. Talk about your growth, new goals, and what it means to be an artist.

So far, this semester, I feel like I have let go of some of my anxiety when it comes to drawing people. I always wanted things to be pretty or perfect. While I still need some improvement when it comes to figure drawing, I feel like I have come a long way. I would still like to be able to draw more realistically but so far it seems proportions are easier for me. A new goal will be to add movement into my freely drawn characters. I’d like to not always have to draw from a photo.

Another problem I have attempted to approach is the fact I usually draw too small. Even when told to draw big, something held me back. When the model came in, I found myself trying to fill the paper in ways I would not have before. I have pushed myself even further in this sense with the charcoal drawing.

As for what it means to be an artist, it means that I get to use my gift to create. I am able to put thoughts, ideas and the like down on paper; not in the form of writing only but as pictures. I can put things out there in a way that others might not think to. Art is just so versatile and can be used for anything, the possibilities really are endless for me. I want to expand even further on that.

  1. What aspect of figure drawing did you want to improve? How have you addressed this area? Discuss your success and failure.

Originally, proportions and muscles were a major concern of mine. I have paid closer attention while drawing the model to compare areas of the body in order to get correct proportions. I have used negative space and little details on the body that indicate muscle flow in order to make them fit together better in my drawings.

Proper proportions is an area I still need some improvement in but I have come a long way. My feet and hands are generally in proportion to the figure but the face is sometimes smushed, especially with side views or three quarters. As for muscles, I have begun to understand the shapes. The muscle and bone study have me always thinking about what’s underneath the skin of the model we are working with. It has allowed me to piece things together but I need to work more with the muscle still. I sometimes will make my muscle too small for the part of the body it creates or things such as the butt or calves will turn out too flat. I will continue to observe the body and to study muscles in order to solve this issue.

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