Charcoal Pre Critique

I approached this drawing differently than I had with the chair charcoal drawing of last semester. With my chair, the drawing was small. I had not paid attention to composition however I the way that I shaded was unique.

In this drawing, the shading did not carry over but the composition is something I actually thought out. The shading itself, as opposed the chair, was different.

With the chair, atmospheric perspective had been used so the front was dark and the back light. In shading the skull drawing, though, it was opposite. I found it odd to essentially be shading in reverse colors. It helped me better observe how the light highlights and shadows things in order to gain three dimension with dark colors in the background. With such dark shadows and bright high lights it forced me to expand on my range of color. I found that as I went back to certain areas to darken things that it actually pushed things to different planes. Overall the shading taught me more about lighting and how to take advantage of this while shading.

The tusks and the antlers of the two animal skulls presented some interesting opportunities in what I wanted to experiment with. Despite the grittiness of one skull and the detailed antlers of the other, I wanted to zoom right up on in. I wanted to experiment with the way the tusks and antlers interacted with each other.

A problem that I ran into was the fabric and the way it affected the flow of the drawing. I originally had it slanted at a more pointed angle. It was suggested that I take this and curve it out like the other pieces of fabric. The effect: hills.

One thing I wanted to attempt with this charcoal drawing was to avoid using hard lines in order to define objects. I used shadows and highlights in order to experiment. It worked for some areas but adding harder lines in helped the composition as a whole. Because of the way I shaded, I had to used hard lines however I would like to continue to experiment with just the use of shadows and highlights.

The chance to work with composition and contrast in this project helped me grow out of various shells. I was not afraid to draw big. I experimented with ways to shade. I learned more about lights and how they effect shadows when so close. Compared to my chair project, my skills with charcoal have certainly developed.

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