Post Critique Write Up

18×24″, Charcoal

Before my critique,  I had not really seen how little space was actually represented in my artwork. It was suggested to me to bring the skull forward with darker, defining lines. Bringing the skull forward will allow the background to be just that and fall back away from the skull. It will add more dimension to my charcoal drawing.

Another thing pointed out was that the right antler, with the way it was interacting with the dark tone of the cloth in front of it, it appeared they were on the same plane. It will be simple enough to take an eraser and dabbing away some of the darkness on the horn to let it sit further away from the cloth.

Another area where objects sit on the same plain are the tusks at the bottom. They flow from flatness to dimension. To have a consistent dimension flowing along the tusks I will easily lighten up the right tusk. This will separate the tusks to where they need to be.

Another part conflicting with the tusk is two areas where it crosses over the antler. A confusing light and dark area run into other areas. I can simply change the tone of these to rid of confusion.

Finally, the largest problem for me is the fact there is no strong focal point. There is so much movement that the eyes do not rest. I had not thought to address this problem before but to do so I will choose areas to define more. The teeth and two other areas may serve for areas that are stronger visually.

When these things are addressed the piece will be stronger as a whole. A smooth rhythm with strong resting areas and finally extra dimension.

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