New Mythologies

New Mythologies, which had been open in the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery held works from various artists that dealt with photo manipulation. The fantastical scenes or landscapes were created through a variety of photo manipulation that created the illusion something more was done to the photos.  From works containing children, to animals and whimsical winter landscapes could be seen within this exhibit.

The photos, which really caught my attention, were from a series: What We Conjure by Scott Alario. These photos really hit home with many childhood memories or even with things relevant to me today. There are two particular pieces from this series that I favor however separate titles were not given.

The first photos is of a little girl and a man, presumably her dad. The little girl is wrapped in a towel that give the illusion of a mermaid tail. There are two aspects or feelings that drew me to this photo. First, the mermaid tail reminded me of games I would play as a child. Children are constantly using their imagination to play make believe and perhaps becoming a mermaid was something the little girl imagined. The second aspect was the fact that a day at the beach with a parent is something children generally cherish. The photo gives the feeling that, at the beach, the little girl and her father are in there own world, consumed with their love of for each other as family. They obviously hold a good relationship. This photo overall reflects on family and imagination, two things that children need to thrive.

The second photo from this series that I loved is that of a woman holding the moon. Her eyes are closed and she’s alone in the dark. It is a serene scene, one where she looks at piece with herself. Her features are calm and confident, strong in a quiet way. The woman in the photo, alone, is an inspiration to be a strong person when it comes to will power and inner piece. The stature she has as she holds the moon makes it seem like she is allowing her stress go, the glow of the moon urging her on or the moon is what is helping her find piece. Personally the moon is something that gives comfort in the dark of night, especially when it shines as it does in the photo. Besides brining peace, it is possible that the woman is worshipping the moon in a way. Her kneeling position and the fact she is holding the moon up shows a type of reverence for the moon. Spirituality and inner peace are two important things to me so this photo spoke to the more spiritual side of me.

Two Angels by Lydia Anne McCarthy is another piece that stood out to me. Despite the title having the word ‘angel’ in it, which usually speaks of innocence or a general sort of joy or happiness, this photo made me feel neither. Without even looking at the fact that the photo is black and white, the woman in the photo is seemingly depressed about something. The faraway look bespeaks of tragedy or loneliness. Neither emotion is preferable. I felt somewhat sympathetic with the person in the photo because of the nakedness of her expression and herself, assuming she is naked from the fact her shoulders are bare. It is almost like she has bared herself to the world and this has left her vulnerable. The fact there are two faces that blur into each other seems to speak of some sort of confusion within the subject. I connected to Two Angels on a level more personal than the other pieces because it shows the usual expression or feelings we have as humans when exposing ourselves to others.

Overall, this exhibit brought out childhood memories in me when it comes to imagination and family. There were pieces that are more spiritual and others more emotional. The exhibition spanned a wide variety of topics that all dealt with human nature and relationships. The title New Mythologies is a good description of the artwork within for each pieces holds a story within.

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