Post Critique Write Up: Class as a Whole

Collectively, as a class, all of our paintings rather went beyond what I had expected. Each person’s painting, weather it be from a photograph or an artists’ emulated style, contained the creator’s own unique touch or style. It appeared that each painting’s inner skeleton was approached differently. For example, Chris’ dancer’s skeleton was done is pastel and sat within the skin, nearly but not quote obscured by the skin. This gave a different effect than Ian’s ghostly bones atop his Saint. The translucent bones highlighted the mood of the painting. In Josh’s digitally painted rendition of Picasso’s Old Guitarist, the lack of apparent skin adds to the depressive emotion of the painting. Caden’s blue skeleton very much complimented and contrasted with the orange of the rest of the painting. Freddy’s skeleton, as opposed to contrasting with the skin, actually blended well beneath. From the blue to peach the color of the bones bled with the skin. The skeleton within Joe’s painting very much suited the geometric forms and the mammoth proportions of the body- it all flowed together nicely. Kara’s The Kissing Sailor holds two skeletons that inexact with each other. The ribcages especially, with their arrangement compliments the lovers’ embrace. Another stunning skeleton was Kyle’s of Jesus on the cross. The skull, with the tilt of the head, accents the motion of the body and the agony of it. The skin is pulled nicely to place the bones within the body. Overall everyone achieved a different level with this project. It pushed us all passed certain boundaries and was certainly a new experience.

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