Charcoal Portait: Post Critique

One issue that was noted with my portrait was the hair and the eye next to it. They were so similar in contrast that the viewer’s eye was not sure to look at the eye or the hair. A fix to this was to really lighten the whites in the hair and darken the darks. Even though the colors are not precisely that in the photo I feel this change has added enough contrast the eye and the hair are now separate. Another issue pointed out was that some of the shadows were not too well blended however in the photo there are distinct areas of shadow thanks to the lighting and so some of the shadows don’t fade out as much. Aside from things that could be fixed, the one thing I was complimented on was the motion of the portrait. That even though it is just the eyes the tilt and the motion of the hair create a diagonal composition. Overall the class had strong pieces with distinct styles.

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