Senior Showcase Alfred University: Alison Clemente

I was wholly impressed with the time and effort put into the beautiful sculpture. It is amazing how a person can take many different little shapes and build them on top of each other, eventually creating something grander. The way that this sculpture is built up connects me back to how simple shapes in nature create more complex patterns by building on just that one shape. The shapes in general inspire the thought of snowflakes like the cut out snowflakes children like to make.

The sculpture is true to its name as well. The jagged edges and colors are those of a glacier. The cooler colors nearly made me want to feel cold. The paper mimics ice well enough that it feels like a winter wonderland. All the swooping structures and intricate designs had my eyes constantly swooping along the whole sculpture; the kind of slipping that ice causes.

Overall this was one of my favorite pieces. While the sculpture contains intricate details and patterns, the viewer is not overwhelmed by any one area. It is a cohesive piece.

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