Senior Showcase Alfred University: Turner Gallery for Rebecca Flis

When looking at this piece I was fascinated by the contrast of the natural world with the iron that the sculpture was made of. In a way it made me think of cities and how they are manmade jungles. This is, in a sense, man made nature. Taken from actual nature, of course, this sculpture’s interesting shape and beautiful sweeps make me think of nature and the beauty it can hold. The natural texture of the bark adds contrast to the material that the sculpture is made out of.

Even just the texture on on top of the bark creates a world of its own. It creates a metal world on top of the natural bark texture. Almost as if the metal is a natural thing to take this shape.

Impressively, I was told by the artist, that this piece was from one cast with essentially no miscasting. For her, this sculpture, Palm, was more about the process. She was proud of her work for creating such an impressive work. It seemed that it would inspire her to create even better and maybe even bigger works.

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