Image Gallery

Before this project, my skill set involved little to no coding. Certainly not html coding. The process of learning the little used here was interesting; to picture the creation and figure out how to string code together in order to create a piece. My aim with this project was to create a simplistic gallery. Something to showcase the pictures cohesively and nicely without detracting from the photos themselves. I took a minimalistic approach. To have strong design and display the photos in the best way possible without distracting elements.

I decided upon button as opposed to text to link between photos and the gallery because I felt too many words would offset the design I had set on the main gallery page. The design of the arrows and gallery button were meant to carry the design the rest of the webpage held. The arrows carry the basic element of the border and the home button is a tree, suiting the theme of the webpage.

Overall, this project was aimed at creating an efficient design for photos in a gallery setting. Where the focus is the pictures and the surroundings merely compliment and repeat certain aspects.

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