Business Website: Final Draft

Air Infatuation

The original draft of this website did not have the feel I was looking for – something more organic that sold green products. The original design was too clean so I looked at the packaging of organic products. Two things I noted were: they were generally in brown packaging and the texts was either bold and round or some sort of cursive. I went with the cursive for my logo design because it gave the sort of smooth, flowing feel I desired. The little loop on the ‘f’ was interesting and so that was my ‘client speak’ aspect that I had to add into another part of the design.

I wanted to still keep the design as simple as possible without too much decoration. In order to do this I created the corner pieces. Getting them to settle properly and not constantly move if the screen was resized was rather frustrating. In the end, the website was no longer fluid and does not change size. It is a simple website with consistent navigation.

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