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Gallery Write Up: Corning Glass Museum Piece

This event took place Friday, April 17th at Corning Glass Museum in the New Contemporary Art and Design Wing. The museum is presenting the artwork of various glassmakers within this space. The white walls allow for the focus to be … Continue reading

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Responsive Website Design

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Gallery Write Up: Brett Sroka and Jeremiah Cymerman

On April 1st of 2015 at 7:30 PM within the Turner Gallery of Alfred University, two musicians, Brett Sroka and Jeremiah Cymerman, created a unique duet with their music. Jeremiah Cymerman played a clarinet to produce samples for Brett Sroka … Continue reading

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Data Visualization: Interactivity Check

Data Visualization At first, when considering this project, I was confused as to what data visualization actually was. Still not quite grasping it entirely, I attempted using the various fields for the pieces of the data. What had inspired my … Continue reading

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Character Rig

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